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Ragdoll History

Ragdoll History
Ragdolls are large, energetic purebred cats with beautiful Blue eyes and Minks with their beautiful Aqua eyes.
Their medium-long coats have a very soft texture that feels akin to rabbit fur.

Because they do not have an undercoat, daily grooming is not usually required.

They are very inquisitive, gentle and are drawn to personal companionship.

Where your family gathers they will follow.  Ragdolls seem too mature more slowly than many breeds and do not gain full maturity until 3 to 4 years of age.
Females weigh an average of 10-15 pounds, and males can grow to be 15-20 pounds.

The Ragdoll breed was developed in California by Ann Baker in 1965, from a long-haired cat named Josephine and two other domestic cats. The breed has, over the years, firmly established itself.
Ragdolls are born white and their colors and patterns develop slowly, attaining full color by two years of age. There are three traditional patterns.

• A "color point" has dark points on the ears, tail, face and feet with the body being a lighter shade. The nose leather and paw pads match the point color.
• A "mitted" has a lighter body like the color point but has white "mittens" on the front legs, white boots on the back, and a white chin and stripe down the stomach.
• A "bi-color" has dark points on the ears and tail but the face mask has an inverted "V" running between the eyes into the muzzle. The body color forms a saddle on the cat's back while the stomach and legs are white.

The two traditional colors are:

• Seal -- dark seal brown points with a tan body.
• Blue -- blue-ish, gray points with a pale gray body.
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