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Welcome to our site:
My love affair with animals started at a very early age. I would bring home as many pets as my parents would allow.  As I grew older my love for Cats and Dogs continued to grow. After I had a family, I passed on the joy and affection for animals to my own two children. Now that my family has grown, my husband and I have the necessary room and time to fulfill my long desire to raise Kittens.
After researching the many breeds, we decided on the Ragdoll breed.  If you go to our Ragdoll History page you may read the interesting facts about this wonderful and unique breed. You will know why our choice of the Ragdoll was not a hard decision to make.  My Babies as I call them, all live with us and our two dogs which makes them accustom to dogs as well.  
Not long after I also met a very special lady Joyce Houser, ( JAZZMANIA RAGDOLLS) whom I consider not only my friend and mentor but an unlimited source of help and inspiration.  She has helped me to select my Orignal breeders from her own beautiful Ragdolls.   The Ragdolls are an interesting and wonderful breed.  To me they seem less independent that other cat breeds and are very affectionate and seek constant companionship.  Where ever I am within my home, they roam with me and continuously announce their presence. It has been said that the Ragdoll breed  more closely follow the mannerisms and affections of puppies than those of the normal kittens.

My husband and I do not have a large cattery, but this gives us more time to give each and every kitten the individual attention and tender loving care that is necessary to give you the healthiest and most loving kitten possible.   At the present time we have four females and one male, so our supply of kittens is limited. Each of our queens has her own individual room and is never caged. Every litter is carefully and personally monitored from birth to 12 weeks of age. We are fortunate to have a veterinarian locally that specializes in the Ragdoll breed.
Click on the Ragdoll pictures below.  The kitten you receive will be spayed or neutered and fully inoculated.  We do not believe in de-clawing even though all our cats will always remain indoors.

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